Between Standing Alone and Relying on Someone

In life, one of the most obvious things is that nobody can help and take responsibility for our lives.

In my late 20s, there was a moment when I realized this cold fact by my heart, not by head.
I felt scared at the time, and I started to realize what it means to become an adult.
Even after this, there were several times when I discovered myself who still wanted to rely on my parents or close friends.


Even now, I feel this kind of weakness in my heart from time to time, and I strive to stand on my own feet.
Of course, we cannot live without help from others.
However, without making any effort, just looking for help from others is a real weakness.
There is one message that I cherish deeply in my heart.


Heaven helps those who help themselves.

I believe and realize that when I do my best, heaven helps me through people.



I think one beauty of life lies here.
When I was in need, and when somebody approached me and helped me, I deeply thanked the person and the heaven.

When I am in need, I will try to look at the heaven first, not at people around me.
But, when I see somebody in need, I’d be glad to approach him or her first, because maybe he or she is looking at the heaven for some help, and maybe this would be the reason why I am there.