Efforts to Make Korea Happier Country


South Korea has recently experienced a major and unprecedented political chaos.

The newly elected president is now making many efforts to make South Korea happier country.

One of those efforts is to try to solve economic inequality.

It is true that South Korea is a country that has made a lot of progress economically.

However, the gap between the haves and have-nots still remains a thorny issue that should be overcome.

Many South Koreans have complained that many big businesses, so-called conglomerates, in South Korea are taking too much wealth.

This will surely be another complaint from companies that have to pay more taxes.

I just think that many difficulties are expected to arise.

However, I hope that future difficulties will be compromised and overcome, and the Republic of Korea will become a more equal and happy country.




The Straits Times

South Korea hikes taxes for conglomerates, rich to tackle inequality, fund welfare programmes