North Korean defectors have to overcome the language gap in South Korea.

Did you know that there are many language barriers between South Korea and North Korea?

Since the Korean War from 195-1953, the two nations have been divided for over 60 years.

Over the period, there have been a lot of small and big conflicts between the two countries.

Not only that, the language barrier has slowly arisen.

Even though South Korean and North Korean can communicate in most situations, there are a lot of expressions and words that both sides cannot understand.

Due to this, when North Korean defectors try to settle in South Korea, they face the huge language barrier.


North Korean defectors are also having difficulties in English in South Korean society.

While many South Korean students study English from their earlier age, students from North Korea couldn’t have the opportunity to study English as much as their South Korean peers.

This situation has resulted in high percentage of North Korean student’s dropout rate from their schools.


To fill the gap, one South Korean non-profit organization is trying to help students from North Korean defector families.

In addition to filling the language gap, I think all Korean should strive to fill the geographical gap between the two countries.

If we could fill the gap gradually, I believe that the two nations will achieve reunification in the near future.


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