[Singapore Job] [마감] Data Analyst, Office at Marina Bay (싱가폴 취업)

*This position is closed. I deleted the contact info of employment consultant.


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A number of English/Mandarin/Cantonese/Korean/Vietnamese/Japanese/Malay speaking roles working with Cloud based solutions for a Global IT Sales & Marketing company based in Singapore.

There are opportunities to work on their accounts for Microsoft, Google, IBM or Cisco.


  • Data Analyst 3,000-4000 Sing Dollars
  • Business Development rep 4,000 Sing Dollars
  • Inside Opportunity Manager Up to 5,000 Sing Dollars
  • Sales Manager 7,000-8,000 Sing Dollars

Working with cold and warm leads to help sell IT / Cloud solutions.

Location:  Marina Bay Singapore. (Must hold Permanent resident card or be Singaporean).

Performance Bonus: $500 USD per month paid quarterly

Hours: Market hours 9-6

Start Date: Ideally immediately/as soon as possible