Summer vacation in Korea

Unlike Singapore, there are four seasons in korea.
When I first came to Singapore, it was very interesting for me to see a Christmas tree in the shopping mall where the air-conditioner was fully on.


It is very normal for Korean people to enjoy winter sports in December and January, and summer sports in July and August.
Especially, many working people apply for their annual leave mostly in July and August, so that they could enjoy longer summer vacation.
A lot of Korean usually go to beaches to enjoy swimming and sea sports with their friends and family.
Maybe Haeundae Beach is very famous to many foreigners.


Now in Korea, the summer vacation season has begun.
I believe many friends of mine are also now making their wonderful summer vacation plan.
I really miss the summer season in South Korea.


If you want to enjoy the real taste of summer in Korea, now is the time for you to pack.
Sizzling summer and wonderful beaches await you all.


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